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boneIO ESP Cover

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boneio ESP which can control 16 covers.

Each output is rated 10A maximum current.

It’s designed especially to control covers and blinds in your house.

Powered by very popular, open source Esphome software.

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The core of your smart home, serving as the ultimate controller

Designed to be fully compatible with Home Assistant Smart Home System

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation system that prioritizes local control and privacy.

It’s open hardware and it is using fully open source software called ESPHome

Configuration is a breeze directly from your Home Assistant interface. Having Home Assistant is crucial for this controller (or planning to implement it in your household).

You need to have separate computer with Home Assistant installed.

Need help? No problem, join our Discord channel and you’ll see how our community is growing and willing to help “newbies”.

For covers and blinds we have special controller! You can control with it 16 windows!

Outputs are paired in it; one output controls moving up and second down. Those outputs have special protection and can’t be turned on together. It’s impossible to destroy your window cover engine with it!

You can create any type of automation with it

Together with temperature sensor you can close down blind when it’s getting to hot and open later. You can control tilt in blinds. It’s all in your control!

It has 35 digital inputs, you can connect it to the:
  • wall switches,
  • motion detectors,
  • window reed switches
  • and everything which will give you signal up to 24V

Energy efficiency optimization, innovative solutions with boneIO ESP

RS485/CAN/1Wire – connect external devices such as:

Recuperators, air conditioners, pv systems, power meters and so on. With recuperator you can turn it to slow air supply when you’re out to save energy.

When coming home turn on high airing for several minutes

So you got fresh air in house all the time together with energy saving. You can connect sensors from multiple PV systems, so all sort of energy managment possibilities open up to you.

You can put temperature sensors around your and connect it to boneIO ESP

Together with outputs you can control your heating system through powering thermostatic head in your floor heating and closing it when place getting warmer.

Unleash big potential from a compact size

Our controller, one of the smallest on the market at just 12 DIN size, offers a myriad of interfaces in a sleek package. Say goodbye to bulky electrical cabinets; with this controller, you can transform any space into a smart home powerhouse!

Thanks to plugable connectors you can simply install the controller in you electrical unit

Our warranty is client happiness first! You have 2 years warranty for the controller and lifetime help-desk. If need to replace anything you just plug out connectors and take out controller with no hassle.

Additional information

Power supply


Power consumption


Number of digital inputs


Inputs voltage


Number of outputs

32 (connected in 16 pairs with special protection)

Max output voltage


Max output current


Analog Inputs


External interfaces

Modbus RS485,
I2C bus,
CAN (for future use)


Ethernet 10/100Mbit
USB-C (firmware installation)


216mm x 106mm x 57mm (WxHxL) (without plugs)
216mm x 123mm x 57mm (WxHxL) (with plugs)