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boneIO Dimmer LED

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Dimmer LED is a versatile LED lighting controller that allows for advanced management and control over lighting.

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Versatile LED Lighting Controller with advanced features

Control light with elegance our versatile LED Controller

Introducing a modern LED lighting controller to the market, we have in mind the refined needs of our customers.

The integration with the Home Assistant system is another advantage of our controller

Leading with advanced technology, our product represents an unparalleled solution for anyone seeking versatile control over lighting in their environment.



Our controller features two independent sections, each powered by its own power supply.


Maximum load on one section


Maximum load on one channel

This allows you to connect LED strips with a total length of up to 15 meters.

Each section of the controller enables connection of 1 RGBW LED strip or 4 separate single-color strips.
This allows you to create beautiful lighting scenes in the following configurations
  • 1 RGBW LED strip and 4 single-color LED strips,
  • or 8 single-color LED strips,
  • or 2 RGBW LED strips

Monitor the energy consumption of individual LED strips

Each section features independent measurement of:

  • Power
  • Current
  • Voltage

Privacy local control, stability with ethernet Interface

Additionally, thanks to the Ethernet interface, our product guarantees stability and reliability of operation.

There are 8 universal digital inputs available

They can be connected to switches or motion sensors to control individual LED channels or customized in any way in Home Assistant

Well-ventilated passive enclosure providing optimal airflow.

Optimal ventilation

Temperature sensor

Buzzer warning of overheating

Each section is equipped with a fuse

They can be connected to switches or motion sensors to control individual LED channels or customized in any way in Home Assistant

Software installation is possible via USB-C and a web installer available at:

Pre-installed ESPhome software with Over-the-Air software update capability.

Compact dimensions – only 126×108 mm including connectors.

Additional information

Power supply


Power consumption

max. 7W (LED strips consumption not included)

Number of digital inputs


Number of channels


Max output voltage


Max output current

10A per side (for 4 channels)


Ethernet 10/100Mbit
USB-C (firmware installation)


126mm x 91mm x 57mm (WxHxL) (without plugs)
126mm x 108mm x 57mm (WxHxL) (with plugs)



PWM Frequency

10Hz – 40Mhz